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We often forget just how fancy and frivolous our lives are. Journelle Frivolous is about remembering.

I was born in a mountain village to two parents as mad as any.We had our own fruit garden, kept bees, got milk from the neighbors cow, and never dared to be different. It was that sort of place. These days I often feel worlds away from my roots. I have one of those modern lives. Sometimes I think that I am too well travelled, that it has made me numb to true wonder. Sometimes I think that I have far too much, that too little feels special.

For privacy reasons, I write Journelle Frivolous under the pseudonym Zoe Grimm.


People fascinate me. I love to observe…eavesdrop…be creepy. If only I could be invisible every now and then! The results of my sneaky ways can be found under my most popular section:


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