The Science Of Why We Kiss

"Flora and Zephyr" by William Adolphe Bouguereau

  “Because a kiss brings two individuals together in an exchange of sensory information by way of taste, smell, touch, and possibly even silent chemical messengers called pheromones (odorless airborne signals), it has the potential to provide all kinds of … Continue reading

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Why All Women Should Masturbate

A feminine touch: Titian’s Venus of Urbino (Bridgeman Art Library)

May is masturbation month. I’m not playing with you. We all know that masturbation has a taboo reputation, especially when linked to women, so in celebration of May, I’m going to share a few reason why all women should be doing it. … Continue reading

Gala Day by Nick Mulgrew


Gala Day was first published in Prufrock magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1. Prufrock is available at bookstores nationwide and can be ordered as an e-magazine. It’s a knockout publication and I suggest you subscribe! Here, look through the glass, scratched … Continue reading

What Literary Agents Want To See When They Google You


If you’re an emerging writer and you’re not following Chuck Sambuchino’s blog, Guide To Literary Agents, you should start. Chuck asked a bunch of agents how they use Google, and what they’re looking for when they do. Here are their responses: “If … Continue reading

Ten Best-Selling Books Rejected by Publishers Twenty or More Times

Agatha Christie

Feeling the rejection letter gloom? This might make you feel better. Dubliners by James Joyce MAS*H by Richard Hooker Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison by Charles Shaw Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach The Postman Always Rings … Continue reading

William S. Burroughs’ Class On Inspiration For Writers

William Burroughs and Mick Jagger. Photograph by Victor Bockris

The internet might be making us all weird–weirdly robotic, weirdly desensitized, and weirdly out of touch with the phyical world– but all the weirdness does come with perks. Free online courses and lectures are a golden example. Here is William S. Burroughs’ lecture on writing sources … Continue reading